At AZnet Technology, Inc., we take your project from concept to completion and beyond.

We deliver all-encompassing business consulting for the energy industry, providing the resources, oversight and review needed to make your project a success. Our subject matter experts are uniquely qualified to administer new construction and facility modifications, freeing you up to focus on a project's technical goals. We handle everything from contract assessment to claims support while building the long-term relationships needed for a project's continued success.

At a time when independent oversight is perhaps more important than ever, AZnet Technology specializes in developing on-time and on-budget solutions.

What we do:

AZnet Technology, Inc. provides technical and advisory services to the energy and related industries worldwide. We specialize in financial and technical services for energy industry owners, operators, investors, financiers, insurers, engineers, constructors and regulatory agencies.

Our Principals and extensive network of experts allow us to provide a uniquely qualified team of professionals for any capital project. We work with each client to ensure the scope and schedule of a project is thoroughly understood, and assign the correct resources to maximize efficiency.

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Our Services:

AZnet Technology offers a host of administrative services, allowing you and your team to focus on a project's technical goals. Services include a full range of work process and due diligence for energy-specific projects, providing contract development and monitoring services for building power plants, transmission systems, substations and related infrastructure.

We provide:

Specialty services:

Contract and claims support

During a project, our principals and subject matter experts are already diligently laying the groundwork for successful claims negotiation or litigation should it occur. Our team is experienced in both new construction and facility updates, giving them the skills to preserve evidence and support executives, project managers and legal counsel.

Outage and scheduling planning process

AZnet Technology handles the administrative side of an outage and scheduling project, freeing your team to focus on technical goals. Our process builds relationships inside your organization, to ensure project objectives are met, and between project partners for continued success.